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Ohio Technology and Innovation Toolkit
Talent - Find it here

Technology & Innovation TechToolkit

This toolkit provides brand elements that can be used to promote Ohio as the most innovative, creative, entrepreneurial state in the Midwest. Use these guidelines to highlight Ohio’s success attracting technology-driven and technology-enabled companies, venture investment, and talent.  It should promote Ohio as a tech-forward, innovative state.

When should I use the TechToolkit?

Use the provided assets in your marketing and communications to promote:

  • New technology being developed in Ohio
  • Cool companies getting started in Ohio
  • Innovation that grows existing companies in Ohio
  • A diverse, inclusive, engaged workforce
  • Ohio as a place to build the life you dream

Messaging and Brand Guidelines

Ohio is home to proven industries and brands that invest in research and development

  • 200 corporate headquarters
  • 55 Fortune 1,000 companies
  • Corporate venture funds and accelerators

Innovation is in our DNA based on our history of invention

  • Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, flight, the light bulb, the golf ball, rubber, medical scanning technology, and more
  • New innovations in aviation, aerospace, agriculture, and automotive industries
  • First of its kind drone training and technology
  • Ground-breaking research and innovation coming out of leading research universities and medical centers including the Cleveland Clinic, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Solving real problems

  • More than 1,000 research and development companies
  • Medical technology discovering new tests and treatments
  • Agriculture technology improving crops and helping farmers remain competitive
  • Solutions for survival on the battlefield

Access to customers increases success in the marketplace

  • Ohio is a premier consumer test market as a microcosm of the American population
  • One-day drive from more than 60% of U.S. and Canada

Affordable - the money you make goes further in Ohio

  • No. 2 in the nation for affordability
  • 8% lower cost of living than the national average
  • Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati all rank among the top 25 most affordable cities to live and work


Logo Assets

Video Assets

The use of first-person interviews is encouraged. The testimonial style of storytelling is a good match with the Technology & Innovation Brand. We want to hear from technology company founders, talent that has chosen to call Ohio home for both professional and personal reasons, and business leaders for major companies encouraging technology to advance their business and cheering on younger companies.

The voice should be authentic, unbiased, credible, and trustworthy. This style of storytelling will encourage others to picture themselves here and experience what we know about Ohio as the most innovative, creative, entrepreneurial state in the Midwest.


Social Media Assets

Using the Technology & Innovation Brand Core Mark will build cooperation, collaboration, and integration between partners. Focus on content with a clear call to action, written in easy-to-understand language and use hashtags to promote technology and innovation in Ohio across social media platforms.

The following hashtags can be used to position Ohio as the most innovative, creative, entrepreneurial state in the Midwest: #FindItHere #InnovateOhio #Ohio #OhioFindItHere #OhioIsForStartups #OhioPride #OhioSmallBusiness #OhioStartups