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What is the Ohio I.P. Promise?

Lt. Governor Jon Husted has announced the launch of the “Ohio IP Promise,” which is an initiative to make Ohio universities more attractive to innovators and entrepreneurs.

The Ohio I.P. Promise brings together the state’s higher education institutions to provide a unified process for commercialization so students and faculty have a clear path to commercialization of their research in Ohio.

Many schools possess the ownership rights to research and inventions with no plans to bring it to the marketplace. In order to correct this problem, the Ohio I.P. Promise establishes a uniform set of guiding principles so researchers know exactly how they can take charge of their work and make it available to the public, if that is their desire.The Ohio I.P. Promise also ensures that universities provide information on their technology transfer or research website with the following resources:

  • A step-by-step process for how would-be entrepreneurs can go through the commercialization process with their research or invention.
  • Standard Option and License Agreement templates so faculty and student innovators know the terms of their commercialization before even starting to engage in the process.

The Ohio I.P. Promise was developed in consultation with the Intra-University Council (IUC) of Ohio. Each of the member institutions, including all 14 state universities, have agreed to use the Ohio I.P. Promise as the starting point for their own commercialization process. Each school will also display an Ohio I.P. Promise page on their website to indicate that their process is based on the statewide standard so that prospective students and faculty members will know they are a member of the promise team.