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Ohio I.P. Promise: PITCH X

Ohio I.P. Promise: PITCH X


To watch the nine PITCH X videos in full, visit here. 

In 1901, the first Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to a university faculty member who discovered that when cathode rays pass through glass, they produced a glow on a nearby chemically coated screen. He named his observation “X-rays” because the technology was yet unknown to science.

When X-rays were discovered, they changed the world forever for the better.

Fast forward to today, in Ohio, our university faculty are also discovering breakthroughs that are on the cutting edge of science and that will ultimately change the world forever.

InnovateOhio’s I.P. Promise initiative is pleased to announce PITCH X: From Lab to Market, a series of short, compelling talks on a virtual stage that feature Ohio’s university community discoveries.

We want to share Ohio’s research discoveries with the world in a way that anyone can access. Speakers will receive extensive coaching and support in the process of creating a talk. And the talks will be shared widely on social media. This is your platform to share your research and technology that is ready for commercialization.

If you’re working on new intellectual property and are affiliated with one of the sixteen Ohio I.P. Promise universities, you’re eligible to share a short, compelling talk on our virtual stage. Up to three speakers will be featured each round and nominations remain open for future rounds.

Speaker nominations for PITCH X are currently closed.

Speakers in the PITCH X program are chosen from those who are working on new intellectual property from 16 universities associated with Ohio’s IP Promise. They may come from any discipline area and are selected on a rolling basis by a curation committee. 

Criteria to be considered

  • Currently affiliated with one of the 16 Ohio I.P. Promise universities (all 14 public universities in Ohio, plus Case Western Reserve University and University of Dayton). Affiliated includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, emeritus, contract, adjunct or other formal relationships.
  • Have submitted a 100-word summary and 90-second video by the prospective speaker of the idea to be shared (Nomination form below).
  • While a colleague may nominate a speaker, the video submission must be from the person who will actually speak. Videos prepared for other purposes will not be considered. The speaker should be capable of delivering a compelling talk about the idea in 8-10 minutes.
  • The speaker should be amenable to a robust 8-week timeline (from selection to event), including coaching, committee review and professional recording in a studio.
  • Applicants should properly ensure that the invention/research to be discussed has been appropriately protected by the USPTO, or any other relevant intellectual property regulator or have determined that such protection is not necessary or possible. Please consult with the Tech Transfer/Commercialization Office at your institution, or to the extent such office does not exist, the university's legal office.
  • Note: Dual talks will only be considered under unique circumstances. Foreign language talks are welcome. Talks can be recorded within the speakers’ geographic area and will be captioned.

Check back for future PITCH X rounds.