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About InnovateOhio

Technology is changing everything about the way we live, the way we learn, and the way we work. If we successfully adapt to that change, we can propel a new generation of prosperity. Under the leadership of Lt. Governor Jon Husted, InnovateOhio is advancing the DeWine Administration’s commitment to leading an aggressive, innovative path towards a better and stronger Ohio.

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Customer Experience

InnovateOhio’s mission is to look at every state service with an eye on the customer’s experience. Our team is looking at the customer’s journey – your journey through different interactions with the state– to find ways Ohio can serve its customers better and at a lower cost.

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Using technology to lift all Ohioans

Using technology, we can transform Ohio’s communities and bring opportunity for growth to parts of the state that have fallen behind – both in our urban centers and our rural communities. That is why one of InnovateOhio’s projects is to help develop a statewide broadband strategy to improve access to high-speed internet.

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Streamlining Ohio

InnovateOhio is assembling a platform for use across state government to drive more shared services among agencies to save taxpayer dollars. InnovateOhio will also develop a statewide strategy to improve information and data sharing techniques across agencies, boards, and commissions.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted
Lt. Governor Jon Husted
Director of InnovateOhio

Jon Husted was inaugurated Ohio’s 66th Lt. Governor on January 14, 2019 alongside Governor Mike DeWine. He is the founder and first Director of InnovateOhio.

Throughout his time in elected office, Jon has consistently demonstrated his ability to get things done and have a positive impact on Ohio and its residents.

Lt. Governor Husted’s vision for InnovateOhio is to look at every state service through the eyes of customers – Ohio citizens and businesses – and create a culture of innovation in state government by using technology to improve people’s lives, transform services, and ultimately, save money for taxpayers.

Jon has a history of this type of innovation in his career. When he took office as Secretary of State in 2011, he immediately set out to use technology to improve customer service and streamline operations.

Among the changes he championed as Secretary of State was improving the process for starting a new business in Ohio by supplementing the all-paper process with an easily accessible online portal. This change transformed the once days or weeks long process into one that takes only minutes and delivers approval within hours. He also spearheaded the implementation of online voter registration so Ohioans could register to vote or change their address online in minutes without having to mail forms or visit their board of elections.

By using technology, Jon improved services at the Secretary of State’s Office and significantly reduced costs, which allowed him to share that success with Ohio job creators by cutting the cost of registering a company by 21 percent. That move made Ohio the lowest cost state in the Midwest for entrepreneurs to start and maintain a business. The efficiencies eventually allowed him to run the office for his final two years without the use of any taxpayer dollars. He left the office’s finances in the black at the end of his term while also offering $10 million of his remaining surplus back to the state treasury to be reinvested.

Lt. Governor Husted also serves as Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and oversees Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative (CSI). Among all his responsibilities, he considers his most important roles to be that of husband to his wife, Tina, and father to Alex, Katie, and Kylie.